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With years of culinary excellence under our belts, we understand what it takes to assemble an unforgettable dish. From shawarmas and falafel to our signature Grilled Baby Chicken (Farrouj Musahab), we provide a selection of dishes that is sure to satisfy those who are either trying Lebanese for the first time or are already familiar with the dishes of the region. We really do go the extra mile to ensure that your dining experience at Maya is one to remember!


Ultimate dining experience like no other
We’ve always maintained an extremely high level of culinary proficiency here at Maya and our chefs are trained in the art of authentic Middle Eastern cooking. We know every single detail of designing, preparing and cooking Middle Eastern and Lebanese food so you can expect the very best. We use fully authentic techniques to grill meats, cook falafel and prepare our desserts. We leave no stone unturned – everything is freshly prepared with detail and care.


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Alongside our excellent restaurant space lies our awesome lounge and bar area. Designed for kicking back, relaxing and chatting, our lounge is fully kitted out with comfy sofas and a stylish decor which is both authentic and modern. Fusing interior design styles drawn from the Middle East, our lounge provides an environment which can really remove you from the busy city streets. The lounge and bar area is heated in the colder months and everything is carefully maintained with an attention to detail.


Ultimate dining experience like no other
Our lounge is perfect for enjoying our finely crafted cocktails, delicious fresh fruit juices, a huge array of soft drinks and a broad selection of world wines. Whether you’re relaxing before or after a meal with family or friends or are simply enjoying Maya’s awesome atmosphere, our lounge is arranged to make you feel warm and welcome.


Our lounge features the highest quality shisha. We stock flavours that range from fruity classics to unique house-blends – we’re sure that there are flavours on our shisha menu that you’ll have never tried before. We only ever use the best when it comes to shisha. That means the highest quality shisha, the highest quality pipes, coals, everything! We’ll attend your shisha session and make sure that you’re topped up with coals. Our extremely friendly staff are always on hand to assist you.


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Maya Lounge


Maya Lounge

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    At Maya Lounge, we take our customers’ Health & Safety very seriously and we are working to keep people safe during this challenging time whilst still providing an amazing experience with us. To help us do so, we have put some Special Measures in place. You are required by law to wear a face covering whilst inside our premises. Masks can only be taken off whilst seated at table. Please help us keep you safe.


    • We have increased our cleaning and disinfection routines. We frequently sanitise customer touch areas such as pay points
    • Our staff pay particular attention to thorough hand washing and avoid touching their face, nose or mouth• We have strict procedures in place to prevent staff with any signs of Covid-19 infection from working

    Table Booking

    • Maximum bookings of SIX people
    • Booking information will be stored for 21 days for Track & Trace purposes
    • Our Lounge Policy still applies
    • Please ensure all guests arrive promptly

    At the Venue

    • Respect our queuing system, designed to keep customers within a safe social distance
    • Maintain a separation distance of 2 metres, whilst moving around by following our One Way System signs around the venue
    • Face covering is required unless when seated. Remain seated at your allocated seat and avoid moving around the venue unnecessarily


    • Due to the current government guidance,

       we are currently RESTRICTED from serving Shisha pipes


    PLEASE NOTE: The latest government guidance requires all customers to scan the NHS Track & Trace QR before

    entering the venue or provide contact details

    Track & Trace

    Thursday, Friday & Saturday ONLY